We have been advised today by one of our manufacturers that the quick release clips that we supplied as a bonus extra with our camera straps may have a design fault. They have asked that we cease supplying them to customers.

As a result, we are advising all customers to stop using the quick release connectors immediately and remove them from your camera. This relates to all purchases made prior to August 21st 2018 only. No other products have been affected.

Your camera strap will function safely without these quick release clips, and you can continue to use your camera strap in this way (please see image below).

Safety and strength are our greatest priority, which is why our we have designed our camera straps with unique 7-point industrial stitching. Our camera strap manufacturer is separate to the company where the quick release connectors were sourced and we will be ceasing to use that particular supplier immediately.

Should you have any questions at all, please contact us directly via email to

Please connect your camera strap to your camera using the following method only ->